Locationews Terms of Service for Publisher

Effective from 2/24/2017

Locationews (hereinafter as “Locationews” or “Service”) is a publishing channel. Every publisher is responsible for their own content. Publisher must comply with Finnish Council for Mass Media Guidelines for Journalists. When you publish to Locationews, you agree with these Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Service” or “Agreement”).

Service Provider

The service provider of Locationews is Locationews Ltd (hereinafter “Locationews Ltd”). Locationews Ltd may change these Terms of Service unilaterally. Locationews Ltd will inform Publishers about changes.


Anyone can register as a Publisher (hereinafter as “Publisher” or “Publication”) in Locationews: individuals, registered and non-registered associations and enterprises.

A Publisher using services of Locationews agrees to comply with these Terms of Service and Finnish law. A Publisher should also comply with its home state legislation.


Individuals, registered and non-registered associations and enterprises may gain rights to Locationews Advertising feature (hereinafter “Advertising feature”) by a petition.

Publisher is responsible of the validity of its information.

Locationews will handle user information with care and by respecting privacy.

Publication’s responsible editor

A Publication in Locationews must have a responsible editor, whose task is to control and supervise editorial work, decide about Publication’s content and other tasks defined by Finnish law. The responsible editor must be 15 years or older, who is not in bankruptcy and whose capacity is not restricted.

Every Publication must define its responsible editor. If Publication is an individual, the responsible editor is usually the same person.

Advertising and billing

Publisher can add advertisements to its Publishments (hereinafter as “Publishment” or “Article”). Locationews has its own affiliate network for advertisements, and it is accessible to all Publishers. By registering a valid billing address, a Publication may receive rights to publish its own advertisements in Locationews. Locationews Ltd has rights to accept or decline Publication’s rights to billing.

Unpaid bills or delayed payments may result in removal of Publisher’s Advertising feature or freezing of Publisher’s account.

Publication must use Locationews’ own advertising tool. Adding advertisements within Articles for example as image files is strictly forbidden.

Content of Publishments

Publication is responsible of the content of its Publishments. Publisher agrees to comply with Finnish Council for Mass Media Guidelines for Journalists. Additionally, these rules are highlighted:

  1. Locationews is intended to be a service for good quality, location-based content. For example, Publisher’s profile should not be used like in a chat application.
  2. Publisher must aim for validity and veracity of its Publishments, and make necessary changes if needed. Intentionally publishing untrue and fake Articles will lead to the freezing or removal of Publisher’s account.
  3. Publisher must pursue good manners in its Publishments. Unrespectful critique or hate speech towards an individual or a groups is not allowed in Locationews.
  4. Commercial Publishments must differentiate from journalistic Publishments.

Publication is legally responsible for all the content it publishes. Locationews has rights to restrict publishing that breaks the rules, but Locationews highlights Publications consideration: in borderline cases it’s best to not publish.

Locationews has rights to remove every Publishment that breaks this Agreement without a warning and freeze or remove particular Publication’s account.

If an account has been removed by Locationews due to a rule violation, Publisher may not create a new account with a new name.


Locationews is a publishing channel. Publisher remains the copyright of content it publishes to Locationews. Locationews Ltd has rights to display and use published content in Locationews.

Publisher is liable for not violating copyrights with its content. Publisher must have rights to the content it publishes.

Locationews Ltd is not liable for copyright infringements made by a Publication. Locationews Ltd has rights to remove any content that violates copyrights immediately without separate notification.

Publication can remove its Articles and account from Locationews at any time. Articles will no longer be visible in Locationews after the removal.

Publisher can remove Locationews Wordpress Plugin from use at any time.

Termination of Service

As Publication removes its account, every Publishment made by the Publication will no longer be visible in Locationews. Publication may reactivate its account within three months of removal. Locationews will not guarantee to keep Publishments of removed Publications after three months.

Disruptions in Service

Locationews has continuous updates to make it a seamless publishing channel. Publisher is liable to inform Locationews Ltd about possible disruptions in Service.

Locationews Ltd is not liable for damages to Publisher due to a disruption of Service. If there’s disruptions in Advertising feature, Locationews Ltd will compensate damage in cost of future advertisements.

Locationews will not compensate other disruptions in Service.


Locationews Ltd is not responsible for Publisher’s misdemeanours nor their direct or indirect damages.

Disagreements will primarily be aimed to be sorted out by agreeing, secondarily in Northern Savo District Court.

Litigation situations will be settled according to Finnish law.


  • Service means Locationews application in all its forms and control panels and plugins related to it
  • Publisher means user who has registered in Locationews as a Publisher and has rights to publish own content to the Service
  • Publishment means article or any other content created by a Publisher